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Examples of Autotrophs are:
a) Bears
b) plants and algae
c) Ms. D.
d) dinosaurs

Heterotrophs are
a) producers
b) trees
c) consumers
d) trophies

which of the following would have cells that would undergo binary fission?
a) a potato plant
b) a human body
c) bacteria
d) an insect

Photosynthesis takes place where
a) cholorophyll
b) chloroplasts
c) chromatids
d) carbohydrates

The energy from glucose produced during photosynthesis is
a) used by the plants cells
b) stored in the form of carbohydrates
c) stored in the form of lipids
d) All of the above

The molecules in the cells of plants that absorb the energy of light are called
a) glucose
b) carbohydrates
c) pigments
d) carbon dioxide

The burning sensation you feel in your muscles after running a long distance is due to the effects of
a) fermentation
b) active transport
c) photosynthesis
d) cellular respiration

Food particles move through proteins in the cell membrane without using energy in a process called
a) osmosis
b) active transport
c) endocytosis
d) passive transport

Because the cell membrane is made of ________, water can diffuse right through the membrane.
a) cellulose
b) ATP
c) phospholipid molecules
d) lysosomes

Most of the energy released when food is broken down during cellular respiration is in the form of
a) heat
b) sound
c) chemical
d) light

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