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Please talk to Charlotte and __________ about your problems at school.
a) I
b) me
c) myself
d) she

The black jacket is hers, but the blue jacket is ________________.
a) hers
b) him
c) mine
d) theirs

_____________ name is Robert, and her name is Rachel.
a) He
b) Him
c) Hers
d) His

_______________ house is the third one on the right.
a) Our
b) Ours
c) Theirs
d) They

Do you want his homework, or do you want ______________?
a) his
b) her
c) hers
d) me

They have a beautiful new car. The car is __________________.
a) their
b) theirs
c) there
d) they're

The strong wind bent the tree to the ground during the storm, and broke three of ____________ branches.
a) their
b) our
c) his
d) its

You have a pet fish, and I have a pet hamster. The fish is ____________, and the hamster is mine.
a) your
b) yours
c) mine
d) his

May I please have a slice of _____________ cake?
a) your
b) my
c) yours
d) theirs

The treehouse belongs to them. It is _______________ treehouse.
a) our
b) my
c) his
d) their

Let's go on over to ________________ house for lunch!
a) they
b) she
c) my
d) ours

You have orange socks, she has green socks, and he has black socks. The green socks belong to_________________.
a) her
b) hers
c) us
d) him

He gave me five pieces of gum, so the gum is ______________________.
a) hers
b) mine
c) my
d) his

Do you want to go with him or with ____________?
a) he
b) him
c) I
d) me

The boat belongs to the Jones family. The boat is _____________________.
a) there
b) his
c) theirs
d) they're

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