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Taylor and Isaiah were outside one sunny afternoon. When they sat down on the concrete they noticed it was hot. They decided to go back to the court after dinner when it was dark. What did they most likely notice?
a) The concrete was just as hot as it was earlier that afternoon
b) The concrete was cooler than the afternoon
c) The concrete was even hotter than in the afternoon
d) The concrete was the same temperature as before

How are the sun's light energy and heat energy related?
a) Light energy from the sun trnasforms to heat energy
b) Light energy from the sun has nothing to do with heat energy
c) The less light energy from the sun, the more heat energy there is
d) The more light energy from the sun, the less heat energy there is

Mrs. West's class conducted an experiment to see what would happen if they place a black piece of paper in the sun and a black piece of paper in the shade. They used a thermometer to compare. What did the studets most likely observe?
a) The papers had the same temperature
b) The paper in the shade had a higher temperature than the paper in the sun
c) The paper in the sun turned grey
d) The paper in the sun had a higher temperature than the paper in the shade

During summer school Mr. Purkey's class has P.E at 8:00 am, Mrs. Falter's class have P.E at 10:00 am, and Mrs. Carter's class has PE at 12:00 pm. What can you infer about the temperature during the P.E classes?
a) The temperature was higher during Mr. Purkey's P.E class
b) Mrs. Carter's class had the lowest temperature during P.E
c) The temperature during Mr. Purkey's class was not as high as the other two classes
d) There was no difference in temperature for the three classes

Your sense of sight can help you see which type of energy from the sun?
a) Heat
b) Light
c) Electrical
d) Kinetic

Loooking directly at the sun could...
a) Help you describe its properties; the light is not intense
b) Damage your eyes; the light is intense
c) Help you understand it better
d) Damage your sense of touch; the light is intense

What is true about the sun?
a) The sun gives us night
b) The sun is very small compared to Earth
c) The sun is a star that gives off energy
d) The sun only provides light for planet Earth

Which of the following is an example of using the sun's energy?
a) Using an umberella for shade
b) Standing under a tree to cool off
c) Wearing sunglasses
d) Opening up the window blinds instead of turning on lamps

Earth depends on the sun in what way?
a) Humans need energy to live and the sun provides som eof that energy
b) The sun revolves around Earth and provides day and night
c) Humans ned the sun to understand how things grow
d) The sun is the only star in the solar system

The sun is the largest star in the universe
a) True
b) False

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