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Most of the life of any cell is spent in a period of cell growth and development called ______
a) interphase
b) telephase
c) prophase
d) metaphase

All of the following are true of animals and plant cells during mitosis EXCEPT ______.
a) only animals have spindle fibers
b) only animals have centrioles
c) only plants form cell plates
d) only plants have rigid cells walls

All of the following are composed of body cells EXCEPT ______.
a) bone
b) sperm
c) liver
d) kidney

Each human skin cell has ______ pairs of chromosomes.
a) 13
b) 46
c) 23
d) 18

Human sex cells have ______ individual chromosomes.
a) 13
b) 23
c) 33
d) 46

In sexual reproduction, a new organism is produced when ______.
a) cells divide by mitosis
b) sex cells combine
c) an organism divides into two equal parts
d) a new organism grows from the body of its parent

By ______, a new organism can grow from just a part of the parent organism.
a) fission
b) meiosis
c) regeneration
d) sexual union

In ______, a new organism grows from the body of the parent organism.
a) budding
b) regeneration
c) sexual union
d) fission

The number of chromosomes in a sex cell of an organism is its ______ chromosome number.
a) one
b) haploid
c) RNA
d) zygote

Meiosis consists of ______ division(s) of the nucleus.
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4

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