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In a democracy, leaders are chosen by
a) a king or queen.
b) the people.
c) rich people.
d) a few wise men.

The Northeast today includes...
a) swamps and deserts.
b) mountain peaks and coastal harbors.
c) mile-thick glaciers and icebergs.
d) rainforests and palm trees.

Which gave our nation its freedom?
a) the American Revolution
b) the Mayflower Compact
c) the Freedom Trail
d) immigrants coming to New York

On the Erie Canal, boats can travel from Lake Erie all the way to
a) Hershey, Pennsylvania.
b) Boston, Massachusetts.
c) Washington, D.C.
d) New York City

Which phrase best describes New York City?
a) our nation’s capital
b) a town built on chocolate
c) the birthplace of our nation
d) a city of skyscrapers

Mass production is a way of
a) using waterpower to run machines.
b) shipping goods cheaply.
c) making large quantities of the same product.
d) packing more people into less space in cities.

Your right to say what you think is protected under the
a) Mayflower Compact
b) Declaration of Independence.
c) Constitution.
d) Plymouth Charter.

This branch of government makes laws:
a) the Congress.
b) the president.
c) the Supreme Court.
d) the Capitol.

Workers who filled the first factories in the Northeast were
a) men who were too old to farm.
b) women and girls who worked long days.
c) fishermen who worked only in winter.
d) older women whose children had left home.

Out of all the states in the Northeast, Ms. T would most like to visit:
a) New York.
b) Pennsylvania.
c) Delaware.
d) Maine.

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