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What do professional bakers sometimes add to improve the flavor and browning of pie crusts and pastries?
a) Cornstarch
b) Dried eggs
c) Hot water
d) Sugar

When preparing meringue, egg whites can be whipped to the greatest volume if:
a) A small amount of yolk is mixed with the whites
b) Egg whites are brought to room temperature before whipping
c) One teaspoon of salt is added after egg whites are foamy
d) The bowl is lightly greased before whipping eggs

When baking a pie crust, to prevent edges from over burning, what should be used to cover edges?
a) Aluminum foil
b) Brown paper
c) Parchment paper
d) Plastic wrap

At what temperature should ice cream be frozen for prolonged storage?
a) 0 F
b) 20 F
c) 32 F
d) 40 F

How much do good puff pastries rise during baking?
a) Twice their original size
b) Four times their original size
c) Eight times their original size
d) Stay about the same size

Basic pie doth is sometimes called 3-2-1 dough. This ratio refers to the weight of:
a) Three part fat, two part flour, and one part water
b) Three part water, two part fat, and one part flour
c) Three part flour, two part fat, and one part water
d) Three part flour, two part water, and one part fat

What do professional bakers sometimes add to improve flavor and browning of piecrust?
a) Dried eggs
b) Cornstarch
c) Corn syrup
d) Hot water

What is TRUE about trends in cake decorating?
a) Basic decoration techniques can be easily adapted to new decorating trends
b) Decoration preferences soldom change
c) Decorating techniques learned today will not be useful in the future
d) New skills are necessary to adapt to new decorating trends

What type of pie fillings work best with form-in-the-pan crumb crust?
a) Baked custard
b) Fruit
c) Instant
d) Refrigerated

What kind of pie cannot be made using the old-fashioned hot juice or cold juice method?
a) Chiffon
b) Cream
c) Custard
d) Fruit

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