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The word bow in these sentences are ____: I took a bow after my performance. I sat on the bow of the boat.
a) homonyms
b) synonyms
c) acronyms
d) antonyms

The words hospitable and hostile are _____.
a) antonyms
b) synonyms
c) homonyms
d) acronyms

My aunt is very _____; when we visited her, she made us breakfast and dinner every day.
a) hospitable
b) hospital
c) hostile
d) hostage

My real name is Dan Smith, but when I write stories, I go by the _____ of Zed Zanders.
a) pseudonym
b) homonym
c) synonym
d) acronym

I will look of a ____ for the word in the thesaurus.
a) synonym
b) acronym
c) homonym
d) pseudonym

My grandmother received excellent care at the ______ after she broke her hip.
a) hospital
b) hospitable
c) hostile
d) hostage

I took my sister's teddy bear as a _____ until she finished my chores.
a) hostage
b) hostile
c) hospitable
d) hospital

I didn't know who to send the thank you note to since the gift was ____.
a) anonymous
b) synomym
c) antonym
d) pseudonym

The protest became ___ after the police arrived.
a) hostile
b) hostage
c) hospitable
d) hospital

What does the _____ FBI stand for?
a) acronym
b) pseudonym
c) synonym
d) homonym

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