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The type of respiration of an earthworm;
a) Tracheal.
b) Pulmonary and cutaneous.
c) Pulmonary.
d) Cutaneous.

The gaseous exchange across the gills takes place:
a) Between the skin and blood.
b) Between the blood and water.
c) Between the muscle and air.
d) Between the blood and air.

The gaseous exchange in a grasshopper takes place:
a) Between the water and air.
b) Between the skin and blood.
c) Between the blood and water.
d) Between the muscle and air.

The respiratory organ(s) of frog:
a) Skin only.
b) Skin and lungs.
c) Gills and skin.
d) Lungs only.

The blood leaving the lungs is:
a) Rich in nitrogen
b) Poor in oxygen
c) Rich in CO2
d) Rich in oxygen

The gaseous exchange in humans takes place at the level of :
a) Alveolus
b) Gills
c) Tracheae
d) Skin

Why does the lime water remained clear of a green plant without a black mask?
a) The plant wilts
b) Photosynthesis is taking the carbon dioxide released by the plant
c) The plant does not release carbon dioxide
d) Photosynthesis prevented respiration

Explain the raise of the level of water in the tube in the side of seeds.
a) Seeds does not make respiration
b) Seeds absorbed the oxygen
c) Seeds releases carbon dioxide
d) Seeds releases oxygen

To study respiration in plants why do we use a black mask?
a) To prevent the absorption of oxygen
b) To allow photosynthesis
c) To prevent photosynthesis
d) To prevent respiration

Name the gases involved in respiration.
a) Carbon dioxide and nitrogen
b) Oxygen and nitrogen
c) Oxygen and carbon dioxide
d) Oxygen only

Do plants make respiration?
a) During night only.
b) No it does not.
c) Yes during day and night
d) During day only

Oxymeter is a device used to:
a) Measure the quantity of oxygen in a medium
b) Measure the quantity of air in a medium
c) Increase the volume of oxygen in a medium
d) Measure the quantity of carbon dioxide in a medium.

Why does lime water becomes turbid in a water that was containing a fish in it?
a) Because the fish absorbed the oxygen in water
b) Because the fish releases oxygen in water
c) Because the fish absorbed the carbon dioxide in water
d) Because the fish released carbon dioxide

During inhalation of a fish:
a) The mouth is closed
b) The operculum is closed.
c) The operculum is opened and the water gets out.
d) The mouth is open and the air gets in.

During inhalation in humans:
a) The thoracic cage increases in volume.
b) The air gets out.
c) The balloon is inflated.
d) The chest is lowered.

During exhalation of a grasshopper:
a) The abdomen is raised.
b) The abdomen is lowered.
c) The water gets out through the spiracle.
d) The air gets in through the spiracle.

Respiration is:
a) Absorbing carbon dioxide from the air.
b) Releasing oxygen to the air.
c) Gaseous exchange between organism and environment.
d) Takes place only in air.

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