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an act against a holy person or place
a) Sacrilege
b) Recollect
c) Deligent
d) Insoluble

impossible to solve or fix
a) Sacrilege
b) Dilligent
c) Insoluble
d) Recollect

to remember; to recall
a) Sacrilege
b) Dilligent
c) Dissolute
d) Recollect

devoted to sensual pleasure; lacking moral restraint
a) Dissolute
b) Resolute
c) Recollect
d) Diligent

determined; steadfast
a) Diligent
b) Recollect
c) Profuse
d) Resolute

plentiful; abundant
a) Inherent
b) Diffuse
c) Profuse
d) Incoherent

overflowing with words or feelings; gushing
a) Diffuse
b) Effusive
c) resolute
d) profuse

not concentrated or focused; wordy
a) Diffuse
b) Effusive
c) Adherent
d) Recollect

existing as a natural part
a) deligent
b) effusive
c) Inherent
d) adherent

a follower of a person or idea
a) adherent
b) incoherent
c) inherent
d) diligent

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