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If you wanted to use one magnet to pick up another magnet, what should you do?
a) Touch the first magnet's north pole to the second magnet's north pole.
b) Touch the first magnet's south pole to the second magnet's south pole.
c) Touch the first magnet's north pole to the second magnet's south pole.
d) Demagnetize both magnets so neither one has a north or south pole.

Which of the following could be an electrical safety problem?
a) using electrical wires without insulation
b) using an electrical supply with very high voltage
c) poking a piece of metal into a wall outlet
d) all

How can you tell that magnetism and electricity are very closely related?
a) Both forces are used in homes, schools, and businesses.
b) Each force can be used to produce the other force.
c) Each force can be found in nature.
d) Both forces were discovered by the same person.

What kind of material do people use to send electricity to a computer, and why?
a) They use a magnet because it pulls the electricity from the wall to the computer.
b) They use plastic because it is a good insulator.
c) They use metal because it is a good conductor.
d) They use rubber because it is flexible.

What are amps, volts, and watts?
a) units used for measuring electricity
b) machines that make electricity
c) devices that deliver electricity
d) three ways to make magnets spin inside a generator

Why does a lamp stop working if its power cord comes loose?
a) The loose cord makes the electrons move rapidly back and forth.
b) The loose cord sends a power surge, and the lightbulb burns out.
c) The loose cord breaks the circuit, so the current can’t flow.
d) The loose cord touches metal, so the current flows faster and faster.

Which important force includes both electricity and magnetism?
a) magnoelection
b) electric-magnetic energy
c) magnoelectricity
d) electromagnetism

Lightning is an example of _____.
a) electric current
b) static electricity
c) magnetism
d) insulation

Which kind of atom has an electrical charge?
a) an atom with a different number of electrons and protons
b) an atom with a different number of neutrons and electrons
c) an atoms with an equal number of electrons and protons
d) an atom with an equal number of electrons, protons, and neutrons

Where does all the electricity we use come from?
a) lightning
b) generators in power plants
c) atoms with charged particles
d) insulated metal wires

To make a neutral atom have a positive charge, it would have to
a) pick up extra electrons
b) pick up extra protons
c) lose some electrons
d) lose some protons

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