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The definition of liberal is...
a) frequent
b) awful
c) average
d) generous

The definition of indulgent is...
a) not caring
b) strict
c) giving in
d) well-known

The definition of indifferent is...
a) insulted by
b) unconcerned with
c) interested in
d) ineffective

The definition of impulsive is...
a) acting without planning
b) careful
c) fearful
d) short

The definition of frugal is...
a) lucky
b) hardworking
c) acting without planning
d) thrifty

The definition of exotic is...
a) local
b) rare
c) foreign
d) interesting

The definition of emerge is...
a) to trip
b) to come out
c) to call out
d) not caring

The definition of elaborate is...
a) detailed
b) ordinary
c) easy and simple
d) lucky

The definition of mediocre is...
a) ordinary
b) awful
c) short
d) not caring

The definition of notable is...
a) generous
b) well-known
c) ineffective
d) average

Definition: detailed
a) elaborate
b) exotic
c) impulsive
d) indulgent

Definition: to come out
a) mediocre
b) emerge
c) frugal
d) impulsive

Definition: foreign
a) impulsive
b) notable
c) exotic
d) indulgent

Definition: thrifty
a) impulsive
b) elaborate
c) emerge
d) frugal

Defintion: acting without planning
a) impulsive
b) indifferent
c) liberal
d) mediocre

Definition: unconcerned with
a) notable
b) indifferent
c) frugal
d) elaborate

Definition: giving in
a) liberal
b) emerge
c) indulgent
d) frugal

Definition: generous
a) mediocre
b) elaborate
c) impulsive
d) liberal

Definition: ordinary
a) mediocre
b) emerge
c) frugal
d) indifferent

Definition: well-known
a) indulgent
b) notable
c) liberal
d) exotic

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