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At Yankee Candle four candles and three votives sell for $34. For two candles and one votive, the cost is $16. Choose a system of equations to find the costs of votives and candles.
a) 5c + 3v=34 AND 2c-v=16
b) 5c+3v=34 AND 2c+v=16
c) 4c(3v)=34 AND AND 2c(v)=16
d) 4c+3v=34 AND 2c+v=16

James bought a plan that was 3 inches tall. Each week the plant grew 2 inches. Define the rate of change in this situation.
a) 2 inches per week
b) 4 inches per week
c) Not enough information
d) NOA

Which ordered pair is a solution to the equation y= 2 - x?
a) (5,3)
b) (8,10)
c) (-1,1)
d) (-5,7)

Solve the inequality: -3x less than 12
a) x less than -4
b) x less than 4
c) x greater than -4
d) x greater than 4

Solve: 8x greater than or equal to -160
a) x less than or equal to -20
b) x greater than or equal to -20
c) x less than or equal to 20
d) x greater than or equal to 20

The band is holding a car washt o raise money for its spring trip. For every car washed the band makes $3. What is the range of this function for the first 6 cars?
a) 3,6,9,15,24,33
b) 3,6,9,12,15,18
c) NOA

Find the slope of the line through (9, 4) and (0, 5)
a) 9
b) -9
c) 1/9
d) -1/9

For the function f(x)=3-1.2x and the restricted domain (-2,2,6,8), what is the range?
a) 1,0,1,4
b) -4,-3,-2
c) -6.6, -4.2, 0.6, 5.4
d) NOA

Evaluate: 8x-x^4 when x =3
a) 21
b) 12
c) -21
d) -57

Tell the domain and range of the relation: (2,3), (0,3), (4,2), (5,6)
a) d: 3,3,2,6 r: 2,0,4,5
b) d: 0,2,4,5 r: 2,3,6
c) d: 0,2,4,5 r: 2,3,3,6
d) NOA

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