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A basic sample has a pH range ______________.
a) between 0 and 7
b) between 7 and 14
c) of exactly 7
d) of exactly 0

The atmosphere of Earth is an example of a _____________ solution.
a) liquid-liquid
b) gas-liquid
c) gas-gas
d) solid-liquid

Which of the following mixtures is NOT an example of a substance?
a) drinking water
b) air
c) brass
d) pizza

When a hydroxyl group is substituted for a hydrogen atom in a hydrocarbon, what type of molecule results?
a) an alcohol
b) an amine
c) a carboxylic acid
d) a polymer

Organic compounds
a) cannot be made in the laboratory
b) occur in living organisms
c) all contain hydrogen
d) all contain amino acids

When both -NH2 and -COOH replace hydrogen atoms on the same carbon atom, a(n) _____________ is formed.
a) an alcohol
b) amino acid
c) carboxylic acid
d) carbohydrate

Which of the following factors does NOT explain why carbon can form so many compounds?
a) Carbon can bond in chains and rings.
b) The same atoms can be grouped in different ways, forming isomers.
c) Carbon can form four single bonds.
d) Carbon has six protons in its nucleus.

Which of the following functions is NOT a role of proteins in the body?
a) catalysts in cell reactions
b) store energy in the form of glycogen
c) make up fingernails and hair
d) in the form of hemoglobin, carry oxygen in the blood

When amino acids are linked together, the molecule formed is a
a) carbohydrates
b) lipid
c) protein
d) polyalcohol

All organic compounds contain ______________.
a) nitrogen
b) carbon
c) oxygen
d) hydrogen

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