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Read the following sentence: The governor of Virginia was tired of Blackbeard's attacks. Does this sentence inform, persuade, or entertain?
a) inform
b) persuade
c) entertain
d) all of the above

Which sentence tells an opinion?
a) Blackbeard was a very mean and angry man.
b) He was shot five times before he finally died.
c) Blackbeard had four fast ships and a crew of over 350 men.
d) England is the country where Blackbeard was born.

How are pirating and sailing similar?
a) They both involve robbing other ships.
b) They both take place on the ocean.
c) They both involve only pirates.
d) All of the above.

Which sentence tells what happened after Blackbeard climbed onto the Ranger during his last battle?
a) Blackbeard captured the crew and took over their ship
b) The governor of Virginia sent a ship to find and capture Blackbeard.
c) The Ranger's crew jumped out from their hiding places and began to fight him again.
d) Blackbeard stole the treasure on board the Ranger.

Which of the following tells the definition of a crew?
a) a person who attacks and robs ships at sea.
b) something that is very special or valuable, especially if owned by a pirate.
c) a way to travel across water in a boat or ship
d) a group of people who work together, especially those who operate a vehicle or machine.

Which of the following sentences from the book informs?
a) Blackbeard scared everyone who saw him.
b) Sailing a large ship close to land is hard to do
c) The Ranger's crew threw Blackbeard's body into the sea.
d) All of the above

Blackbeard's ship got stuck in the sand. What did he do next to solve this problem?
a) He loaded all his treasure onto another ship
b) He captured another French ship and crew
c) He moved back to England and gave his treasure away
d) He sank the ship into the ocean with all of its treasure

What is the author's main purpose for writing Blackbeard the Pirate?
a) to entertain
b) to inform
c) to persuad
d) all of the above

Read this sentence: Blackbeard captured a large, fast, French ship. To capture is to
a) travel across water
b) act aggressively against an opponent
c) catch or take control of by force
d) own something that is very valuable

What cause the people to believe Blackbeard had stopped being a pirate?
a) He sunk the Queen Anne's Revenge.
b) He moved to Charleston South Carolina
c) He deserted His crew on an island
d) He got married and bought a house

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