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Which of the sentences below is a simple sentence?
a) Don't go to the park today.
b) Either Tom goes to school or he is grounded.
c) Tanya likes ice-cream but not with nuts on top.
d) Go quickly and be good today.

What could you add to make this a compound sentence? John got up early
a) but then went right back to sleep.
b) put the word very in front of early.
c) and James
d) put the word yesterday at the end of the sentence.

What is the preposition in this sentence?: First, I had to go over the river.
a) first
b) go
c) over
d) the

What is the interjection in this sentence?: Oh boy! I didn't know what time it was!
a) know
b) did not
c) I
d) Oh boy!

What is the interjection in this sentence?: Whoa! I did not know that would happen.
a) Whoa
b) I
c) did not
d) that

What is the conjunction in this sentence? Jason wants to meet me at 7 and go to the party.
a) wants
b) to
c) and
d) at

What is the verb phrase (including the linking verb) in the following sentence?: We will cheer when we win the game.
a) We will
b) will cheer
c) cheer when we
d) cheer the

What is the action verb in the following sentence?: Barbara tried to sprint the mile, but couldn't because of her hurt ankle.
a) because
b) but
c) to
d) sprint

What is the linking verb in the following sentence?: The festival food tasted funny.
a) tasted
b) festival
c) funny
d) The

What is the linking verb in the following sentence?: Able was a quitter when he gave up because of the rain storm.
a) was
b) a
c) quitter
d) when

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