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one substance or kind of matter changes completely into another substance or type of matter
a) Chemical change
b) Physical Change
c) Chemical Compound
d) Chemistry

a change of matter in size, shape, or a state without any change in identity.
a) Physical Change
b) Chemical Change
c) Property
d) Solvent

characteristics of a substance that can be observed, such as color, taste, texture, and density
a) Physical Properties
b) Chemical Properties
c) Chemical Change
d) Physical Change

ability for a material to change its chemical makeup.
a) Chemical Properties
b) Physical Change
c) Chemical Change
d) Solution

the substance that dissolves the solute
a) Solvent
b) Solute
c) Solution
d) Chemical Change

substance that is being dissolved in a solution
a) Solute
b) Chemical Change
c) Solvent
d) Solution

a type of mixture which has one substance dissolved in another
a) Solution
b) Solvent
c) Chemical Change
d) Physical Change

a solid material that forms during a chemical reaction
a) precipitate
b) solvent
c) solution
d) chemical change

a new substance created in a chemical reaction
a) product
b) solution
c) chemical change
d) properties

a) Universal Solvent
b) solute
c) chemical change
d) physical property

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