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A ___ is a factor in an experiment that can be changed which can cause the outcome to vary.
a) variable
b) dependent
c) independent
d) comparison

The variable of an experiment that is being tested is known as the ___.
a) controlled variable
b) dependent variable
c) independent variable
d) comparison group

Which of the following correctly lists most of the typical steps that a scientist takes when performing a controlled experiment?
a) observe, hypothesize, conduct experiment, and form conclusions
b) ask questions, conduct experiment, hypothesize, gather data, organize data, draw conclusions
c) hypothesize, ask questions, observe, conduct experiment, draw conclusions
d) observe, ask questions, hypothesize, conduct experiment, gather/organize data, interpret data, form conclusions

The first law of motion is also known as the Law of ___.
a) inertia
b) force and mass
c) reactions
d) friction

The tendency of an object to resist a change in its motion or velocity is known as ___.
a) mass
b) inertia
c) weight
d) kinetic energy

Force is equal to _________________.
a) momentum times acceleration
b) mass times acceleration
c) momentum times mass
d) mass times velocity

Weight is calculated by multiplying ___ and ____.
a) gravity and air resistance
b) mass and air resistance
c) mass and gravity
d) gravity and momentum

The acceleration due to gravity is ___ m/s/s.
a) 98
b) 9.8
c) .98
d) 0.098

Which of the following is NOT a true statement about Ideal Mechanical Advantage?
a) IMA is calculated using forces
b) IMA is mechanical advantages in the absence of friction
c) IMA is calculated using distances
d) IMA is calculated by dividing the input distance by the output distance

The ability to do work is known as ___.
a) power
b) energy
c) momentum
d) strength

Which of the following is NOT a type of potential energy?
a) chemical
b) gravitational
c) electrical
d) elastic

Which of the following variables does NOT affect an object's gravitational potential energy?
a) mass
b) length of the object moving
c) height above relative zero height
d) force of gravity

The measure of resistance an object has to slowing down or stopping is known as its ___.
a) inertia
b) weight
c) friction
d) momentum

The ___ of a pendulum is the amount of time it takes for the bob to swing from start position, out, and back one time.
a) amplitude
b) frequency
c) time
d) period

The only variable on our planet that has an effect the period of a pendulum is
a) the length of the rope
b) the amplitude (angle that you drop it from)
c) the mass of the bob
d) the mass of the rope

A wave is just a movement of energy through matter. The matter that the wave moves through is known as the ___.
a) transversal
b) medium
c) wavelength
d) amplitude

The two types of mechanical waves are:
a) longitudinal and compressional
b) transverse and compressional
c) transitive and longitudinal
d) compressional and transitive

The ___ of a wave is the number of wavelengths that pass a fixed point each second.
a) frequency
b) period
c) amplitude
d) trough

Which of the following is NOT a way that simple machines help to make work easier?
a) increasing the distance that you have to apply a force
b) decreasing the force you have to apply
c) decreasing the distance that you must apply the force
d) changing the direction of your force

The rate at which you perform work is known as ____.
a) strength
b) watts
c) joules
d) power

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