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wasted heat that warms the air and waters of the Earth
a) Thermal Pollution
b) Energy
c) Heat Energy
d) Conservation of Energy

based on scientific experiments or observations
a) energy
b) theory
c) experiments
d) force

The pull on objects back to Earth
a) Force
b) Potential Energy
c) Mechanical Energy
d) Gravity

Stored energy
a) Potential Energy
b) Thermal Pollution
c) Mechanical Energy
d) Chemical Energy

Energy in moving things
a) Potential Energy
b) Gravity
c) Kinetic Energy
d) Stored Energy

The ability to do work.
a) Energy
b) Work
c) Force
d) Gravity

Which is NOT a form of energy?
a) Mechanical
b) Force
c) Electrical
d) Heat

Which type of energy comes from the sun?
a) Electrical
b) Mechanical
c) Chemical
d) Light

What does potential energy become?
a) Gravity
b) Force
c) A Burning Match
d) Kinetic Energy

What change takes place when a match is lit?
a) chemical to heat
b) heat to mechanical
c) light to chemical
d) electrical to heat

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