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Which factors of production were lacking in the communist Soviet Union that also contributed to its decline?
a) lack of land and labor
b) lack of natural resources and capital
c) lack of land and capital
d) lack of capital and entrepreneurs

Which condition contributed to the Soviets changing their economy from command (communism) to free enterprise (market)?
a) shortages of important goods and services (trade was greatly declining for the U.S.S.R.)
b) the U.S.S.R. was being invaded by rival political powers
c) lack of labor in the country
d) lack of land for expansion

What is communism?
a) A type of government and economy in which people have the freedom to become entrepreneurs.
b) A type of economy in which the government only owns the large businesses, and the people control other production factors.
c) A type of government and economy whereby the government collectively rules and owns all; there is no private property.
d) A type of government (or state) that has very limited power.

Which of the following is true of Russia today compared to its rule as the U.S.S.R.?
a) Today, Russians cannot own their own businesses.
b) Russians today are subject to government search and seizures of property without any probable cause.
c) Russians can now vote for their leader whereas when known as the Soviet Union (U.S.S.R.), they were not allowed to vote.
d) There is no difference between Russia today and its laws when it was known as the Soviet Union.

Russia has experienced various changes in name and type of government. Which is the correct sequence?
a) 1900 Russia (monarchy) to 1950 Russia (communism) to 2000 U.S.S.R. (democracy)
b) 1900 Russia (monarchy) to 1950 U.S.S.R. (communisim) to 2000 Russia (democratic republic/federation)
c) 1900 U.S.S.R. (monarchy) to 1950 U.S.S.R. (communism) to 2000 Russia (democratic republic/federation)
d) 1900 Russia (communism) to 1950 Russia (monarchy) to 2000 U.S.S.R. (democratic republic/federation)

What happened in the immediate years after WWII?
a) The Soviet Union (U.S.S.R.) lost half of its territory to Germany.
b) The Soviet Union (U.S.S.R.) kept occupation of several eastern European nations and installed communist governments.
c) The Soviet Union (U.S.S.R.) surrendered all territory occupied during WWII.
d) The United States and the Soviet Union (U.S.S.R.) became powerful allies.

What is Siberia?
a) a vast stretch of cold land in Northern Asia that stretches from the Ural Mts. to the Pacific Ocean
b) a major Russian city
c) an area near the Equator
d) a cold region of Russia with very few minerals or natural resources

In which geographic sector do most Russians live?
a) northeast
b) south
c) southwest
d) east

After the fall of Communism, Russian republics (mostly those west of Russia) sought independence to become their own countries once again. How did their economies change when becoming independent?
a) More money and new business projects came from outside sources. (Businesses didn't just have to use Russian materials/labor.)
b) Workers became better trained.
c) Russians kept control of all trade with the republics.
d) Industries could only use Russian materials/labor.

Today, Russia continues to deal with conflict in its country. Culturally, such conflict is due to
a) various surrounding countries don't speak Russian
b) Russians wanting the return of communism
c) heirs to the Russian throne want it back
d) ethnic, cultural differences

Which statement is true?
a) People are not encouraged to use resources productively in a free enterprise system.
b) A communist/command economy is usually joined with a lack of political freedoms for the people.
c) Entrepreneurs are encouraged in a command/communist society.
d) In a democracy, only positive outcomes will occur both politically and economically.

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