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Blood vessels that move blood away from the heart are called ___.
a) capillaries
b) arteries
c) valves
d) veins

Where does oxygen-rich blood first enter the heart?
a) left atrium
b) left ventricle
c) right atrium
d) right ventricle

Which of these can help prevent cardiovascular disease?
a) regular checkups
b) diet high in saturated fats
c) sedentary lifestyle
d) smoking

Which of the following is NOT a function of blood?
a) carry oxygen to body cells
b) carry wastes to the kidneys
c) carry carbon dioxide to the lungs
d) remove lymph from around cells

Where does digestion start?
a) in the mouth
b) in the esophagus
c) in the small intestine
d) in the stomach

Which digestive organ is lines with villi?
a) esophagus
b) small intestine
c) large intestine
d) stomach

Which of the following is an example of chemical digestion?
a) chewing food
b) enzymes breaking molecules down
c) churning food
d) mixing food

Which of these structures is NOT found in the dermis?
a) sweat pores
b) blood vessels
c) hair follicles
d) oil glands

Which of the following is an organ of the lymphatic system?
a) gallbladder
b) heart
c) spleen
d) lungs

Which of these organs makes lymphocytes?
a) thymus
b) blood
c) kidneys
d) tonsils

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