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What are the hollow, thin-walled tubes that end in a suction cup on a sea star's underside?
a) book lungs
b) spicules
c) spiracles
d) tube feet

Which of these is NOT a characteristic of arthropods?
a) exoskeleton
b) jointed appendages
c) segmented body
d) closed circulatory system

A water-vascular system is unique to ___.
a) echinoderms
b) arthropods
c) crustaceans
d) mollusks

Which of these animals undergoes incomplete metamorphosis?
a) bumble bee
b) butterfly
c) fly
d) grasshopper

Which of these animals is a crustacean?
a) ant
b) pill bug
c) sea star
d) snail

Which of the following organisms has a closed circulatory system?
a) crayfish
b) snail
c) spider
d) earthworm

What is the function of the aortic arches?
a) They grind soil and bits of organic matter.
b) They produce both sperm and eggs.
c) They serve the same purpose as gills and lungs in other animals.
d) They pump blood throughout the body.

Which of the following organisms is a mollusk?
a) crab
b) earthworm
c) garden slug
d) leech

Which structure grinds the soil an earthworm ingests?
a) setae
b) esophagus
c) gizzard
d) intestine

Which of the following is NOT a characteristic shared by all chordates?
a) nerve cord
b) pharyngeal pouches
c) postanal tail
d) endoskeleton

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