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Which seed is dispersed by water?
a) blackberry
b) coconut
c) dandelion
d) impatiens

When are stomata usually open?
a) at night
b) during the day
c) when a plant is losing too much water
d) when food making slows down

How are dandelion seeds usually dispersed?
a) by animals eating them
b) by attaching to animal fur
c) by rain
d) by wind

Fern spores are produced in structures called ___.
a) fronds
b) sori
c) rhisomes
d) prothallus

Which of the following is characteristic of gymnosperms?
a) growth from a rhizome
b) production of cones
c) seeds protected by a fruit
d) production of flowers

Which of the following is an example of a nonvascular plant?
a) cactus
b) daisy
c) maple tree
d) moss

Which of the following describes the function of the chloroplast in plant cells?
a) It regulates water content.
b) It stores starches.
c) It helps in reproduction.
d) It traps energy from sunlight.

Mushrooms are an example of a ___.
a) sac fungi
b) slime fungi
c) zygote fungi
d) club fungi

A stem growing up a chain-link fence or a trellis is growing in response to ___.
a) gravity
b) touch
c) light
d) water

Which plant hormone stimulates ripening?
a) abscisic acid
b) cytokinin
c) ethylene
d) gibberellin

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