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Where are you most likely to find fungi growing?
a) in warm, moist areas
b) in colde, wet areas
c) in cool, dry areas
d) in hot, dry areas

Which of the following is a funguslike protist?
a) flagellate
b) green algae
c) downy mildew
d) mushroom

Which of the following moves using a pseudopod?
a) diatom
b) ameoba
c) euglenoid
d) flagellate

Which food is made using bacteria?
a) cheese
b) eggs
c) fruit juice
d) milk

What is the end result of a bloom?
a) Cyanobacteria in the pond thrive.
b) Oxygen levels in the pond increase.
c) Many fish in the pond die.
d) Many animals in the pond increase in population.

What color do Gram-negative bacteria stain when treated with Gram's stain?
a) blue
b) purple
c) red
d) pink

Which of the following is NOT a way to prevent diseases that are caused by bacteria?
a) putting bacteria in endospores
b) getting vaccines that are effective against bacterial diseases
c) pasteurizing food that contains bacteria
d) using antiseptics in bathrooms and kitchens

Which of these bacteria is pathogenic?
a) bacteria that use dead organisms as food
b) bacteria that live in the nodules of plants and fix nitrogen
c) bacteria that cause strep throat
d) bacteria used to make yogurt

Which of the following is an example of an archaebacterium?
a) cyanobacteria
b) anaerobic methane producer
c) eubacteria
d) nitrogen-fixing bacteria

Mycorrhizae are networks formed between fungi and ___.
a) plants
b) algae
c) cyanobacteria
d) protists

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