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ISAT Practice #20: Glencoe Science: Life Science.[print questions]

What must be true of a person with cystic fibrosis?
a) At least one parent was a carrier for cystic fibrosis.
b) The mother was a carrier for cystic fibrosis.
c) One of teh parents had the condition cystic fibrosis.
d) Both parents had at least one allele for cystic fibrosis.

An allele carried on a Y chromosome will affect ___.
a) all of the female offspring
b) some of the male and female offspring
c) all of the male offspring
d) none of the offspring

Blood type in humans is an example of ___.
a) polygenic inheitance
b) incomplete dominance
c) sex-linked inheritance
d) multiple alleles

A pure bred red-flowering plant and a pure bred white-flowering plant cross. The offspring produce pink flowers. What pattern of inheritance is this?
a) complete dominance
b) polygenic inheritance
c) incomplete dominance
d) multiple alleles

If a sex cell has 12 chromosomes, how many chromosomes will there be after fertilization?
a) 24
b) 5
c) 12
d) 48

How many sex cells result from both meiosis I and meiosis II?
a) 4
b) 1
c) 2
d) 3

Cells that have half the number of chromosomes as body cells are called ___.
a) diploid
b) polyploid
c) haploid
d) zygotes

All of these are an example of asexual reproduction except ___.
a) a sea star regenerating a new arm
b) a mother dog giving birth
c) a potato sprouting new plants from its buds
d) a strawberry plant forming new plants with runners

What happens during mitosis?
a) A cell's organelles duplicate.
b) A cell's nucleus divides.
c) A cell's chromosomes duplicate.
d) A cell's DNA is copied.

What usually happens right after a cell's nucleus divides?
a) Its other organelles divide.
b) Its DNA is copied.
c) It grows and prepares for mitosis.
d) It splits into two new cells.

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