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Which of these is an example of an inorganic compound?
a) carbohydrate
b) lipid
c) nucleic acid
d) water

Which of these regulates nearly all the chemical reactions in the body by causing changes in other molecules without being changed itself?
a) carbohydrates
b) inorganic compounds
c) enzymes
d) lipids

Which of these processes uses transport proteins in the cell membrane to move materials into or out of a cell?
a) diffusion
b) exocytosis
c) active transport
d) lipids

What is DNA an example of?
a) carbohydrate
b) lipid
c) nucleic acid
d) protein

When of the following is an example of a protein?
a) RNA
b) skin
c) fat
d) starch

Which process releases energy by changing simple molecules?
a) endocytosis
b) photosynthesis
c) respiration
d) fermentation

A cell that contains 50% water is placed in a solution that is 30% water. The cell and the solution will reach equilibrium when they both contain how much water?
a) 40%
b) 30%
c) 50%
d) 80%

Which of these instruments can show the arrangement of atoms on the surface of a molecule?
a) scanning tunneling microscope (STM)
b) compound light microscope
c) scanning electron microscope (SEM)
d) transmission electron microscope (TEM)

A structure made up of two or more tissues that work together is called a(n) ___.
a) organ
b) organism
c) organ system
d) tissue

In which stage of the cell cycle does a eukarotic cell spend most of its life?
a) cytoplasmic division
b) mitosis
c) prophase
d) interphase

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