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Where do scientists plan on sending astronauts to in the future?
a) Mars
b) Neptune
c) Venus
d) Jupiter

Which of these follows a cyclical pattern?
a) sunspot maxima and minima
b) condensation of a nebula
c) formation of a crater
d) formation of a black hole

Which planet has Charon as its moon?
a) Mercury
b) Pluto
c) Mars
d) Saturn

Which is the fifth planet from the Sun?
a) Pluto
b) Mercury
c) Venus
d) Jupiter

Which region of the Moon has the youngest rocks?
a) lunar highlands
b) lunar poles
c) lunar equator
d) maria

In what month is Earth farthest from the Sun?
a) January
b) July
c) March
d) October

Where have large amounts of ice been detected on the Moon?
a) lunar poles
b) maria
c) highlands
d) lunar equator

Which term describes the flat areas made of igneous rock that are found on the Moon's surface?
a) craters
b) maria
c) highlands
d) cores

Which of the following terms would you use to describe the motion of Earth in its orbit around the Sun?
a) rotation
b) ellipse
c) solstice
d) revolution

Where is the asteroid belt found?
a) between Earth and Mars
b) between Uranus and Neptune
c) between Mercury and Venus
d) between Mars and Jupiter

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