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Which space probe visited Venus?
a) Mariner 2
b) Viking 1
c) Pioneer 10
d) Voyager 1

Which type of radiation has a longer wavelength than visible light does?
a) microwaves
b) radio waves
c) x rays
d) infrared radiation

WHy are space telescopes so important to our current study of astronomy?
a) They obtain higher quality images.
b) They are cheaper to build.
c) They have fewer technical problems.
d) They can be repaired easily.

What is the speed of light?
a) 3,000 km/s
b) 300 km/s
c) 30,000 km/s
d) 300,000 km/s

Which of the following can launch an object into space?
a) rocket
b) space probe
c) shuttle
d) capsule

What is a colorless, odorless gas found in car exhaust that contributes to air pollution?
a) sulfur dioxide
b) ozone
c) carbon monoxide
d) smog

Which of the following men was the first U.S. citizen to orbit Earth?
a) Neil Armstrong
b) Alan Shepard
c) John Glenn
d) Yuri Gagarin

Which of the following natural conditions can affect the atmosphere's ability to disperse pollutants?
a) rock formations
b) ocean currents
c) strong winds
d) temperature inversions

What affect does acid rain have on the pH of natural lakes and streams?
a) increase in the pH
b) stabilized the pH
c) decrease in the pH
d) no change in the pH

When the Moon moves between the Sun and Earth and casts a shadow on Earth's surface, there is a(n) ___.
a) lunar eclipse
b) full Moon
c) new Moon
d) solar eclipse

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