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What ingredient in fertilizers can cause an overgrowth of algae?
a) carbon
b) hydrogen
c) oxygen
d) nitrogen

What is the largest source of water quality issues in the United States?
a) point source pollution
b) non-point source pollution
c) pesticides
d) fertilizers

Which term describes pollution from industrial outfalls or ditches?
a) nonpoint source
b) pesticides
c) fertilizers
d) point source

Which of the following is an example of hazardous waste?
a) fired clay
b) nuclear waste
c) decomposing organic matter
d) dirty paper dishes

How has the human population on Earth changed during the last 50 years?
a) It decreased.
b) It didn't change.
c) It increased, then decreased.
d) It increased.

The individuals of one species that occupy a specific area are called ___.
a) a population
b) a preserve
c) a population explosion
d) a population limit

Which of the following is a substance that makes chemical reactions take place faster?
a) enzyme
b) compost
c) pollutant
d) hazardous waste

Which term means using less material?
a) reduce
b) recycle
c) compost
d) reuse

Which of the following terms is the activity of growing crops and raising farm animals?
a) agriculture
b) landfill
c) development
d) remediation

Conserving water may help reduce water pollution by ___.
a) reducing water in the atmosphere
b) increasing pH in the soil
c) reducing the need for water treatment
d) reducing acid rain

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