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In which habitat are gooseneck barnacles, lined chitin, and blue mussels found?
a) upper intertidal zone
b) lower intertidal zone
c) sandy beaches
d) mid-intertidal zones

Which of the following sources contributes the most oil pollution to the ocean?
a) runoff from land
b) tanker spills
c) offshore drilling and mining
d) ocean dumping

When do fish kills occur?
a) when the oxygen supply is low
b) when commercial fishermen overfish an area
c) during a hurricane
d) when fresh water enters an ocean

What is chemosynthesis?
a) a process that involves using sulfur or nitrogen compounds as an energy source to produce food
b) a process by which reproductive cells are released into the water
c) a process by which other organisms are consumed as a source of energy
d) a process that involves using light from the Sun as an energy source to produce food

What is the area where the mouth of a river enters the ocean called?
a) a reef
b) an estuary
c) a beach
d) a rocky shore

Why is there concern about oil entering the ocean environment?
a) The presence of oil in the water is not harmful to marine life.
b) Large spills can be easy to clean up.
c) The presence of oil can reduce water quality.
d) The presence of oil can improve water quality.

A higher than normal high tide is called ___.
a) a spring tide
b) a neap tide
c) a breaker
d) the tidal range

Which of the following has an impact on surface currents?
a) upwellings
b) crests
c) the Coriolis effect
d) tides

What causes high and low tide?
a) the gravitational pull of Earth on the Moon
b) the gravitational pull of the other planets on Earth's water
c) the gravitational pull of the Moon and the Sun on Earth's water
d) the Coriolis effect

What is the benefit of using no-till farming methods?
a) It decreases compost.
b) It saves fuel.
c) It increases phytoremediation.
d) It reduces soil erosion.

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