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The vertical ocean circulation that brings deep, cold water to the surface is called ___.
a) upwelling
b) a surface current
c) a density current
d) an ocean wave

What describes the amount of dissolved salts in seawater?
a) density
b) buoyancy
c) salinity
d) temperature

Which gases enters ocean water from organisms that phtosynthesize?
a) carbon
b) nitrogen
c) hydrogen
d) oxygen

What climatic event is a warming of the Pacific Ocean?
a) El Nino
b) La Nina
c) Coriolis effect
d) Alberta Clipper

What evidence is strongly suggested as an important component in global warming?
a) continental climate
b) maritime climate
c) Coriolis effect
d) increase in trace gases

Which Earth system includes plants, animals, and humans?
a) biosphere
b) lithosphere
c) hydrosphere
d) atmosphere

At Earth's surface in the northern hemisphere, air moves ___ from high pressure.
a) counterclockwise
b) clockwise
c) south
d) north

At Earth's surface in the northern hemisphere, air moves ___ toward low pressure.
a) counterclockwise
b) clockwise
c) north
d) south

___ are zones in which air masses interact.
a) Stationary fronts
b) Weather fronts
c) Cold fronts
d) Warm fronts

The highest point on a wave is called ___.
a) a trough
b) a crest
c) the wavelength
d) the wave height

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