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If the hard part of an organism decays or dissolves, leaving behind a cavity in a rock, what type of fossil is left?
a) cast
b) mold
c) carbon films
d) mineral replacement

Which of the following animal remains will probably NOT be found fossilized in sedimentary rock?
a) clam shell
b) jellyfish imprint
c) snail shell
d) shark tooth

When geologists match up layers of rock over great distances, which method are they using?
a) correlation
b) nonconformity
c) uniformitarianism
d) absolute dating

Which types of fossils are the remains of species that existed on Earth for relatively short periods of time and were widespread geographically?
a) trace fossils
b) carbon films
c) index fossils
d) body fossils

What is the branch of science that focuses on the study of fossils and past life?
a) chemistry
b) paleontology
c) meteorology
d) astronomy

Which principle states that the oldest rock layer is found at the bottom in an undisturbed stack of rock layers?
a) superposition
b) uniformitarianism
c) half-life
d) unconformities

Which type of magma often forms at a convergent plate boundary?
a) granitic
b) basaltic
c) tephritic
d) andesitic

Which of the following is the coarsest type of tephra?
a) volcanic blocks
b) volcanic ash
c) volcanic gravel
d) volcanic cinders

Which of the following forms when magma bodies forced upward from inside Earth solidify before reaching the surface?
a) sill
b) batholith
c) volcanic neck
d) dike

Which isotope is used for dating organic material that is less than 75,000 years old?
a) uranium-238
b) potassium-40
c) carbon-14
d) argon-40

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