ISAT Practice #8: Glencoe Science: Earth Science Question Preview (ID: 28648)

ISAT Practice #8: Glencoe Science: Earth Science.[print questions]

Which of the following is a steep-sided mountain of loosely packed tephra?
a) cinder cone volcano
b) shield volcano
c) composite volcano
d) plateau vasalt

Magma that is forced into a crack that cuts across rock layers and hardens into igneous rock is called a(n)
a) sill
b) volcanic neck
c) dike
d) batholith

What type of volcanoes are the Hawaiian islands?
a) cinder cone volcanoes
b) composite volcanoes
c) shield volcanoes
d) explosive volcanoes

Which of the following describes the motion of primary waves?
a) a backward rolling and side-to-side swaying motion
b) a foward rolling motion
c) vibration in directions that are perpendicular to the direction of wave travel
d) a back-and-forth motion that is parallel to the direction of travel

Which of the following could create a shadow zone?
a) seismic waves shaking sediment, causing it to become more liquid-like
b) the moon coming between the Sun and Earth
c) the stopping of S-waves by Earth's molten outer core
d) ice melting during an earthquake to cause flooding

Which of the following is used to measure the intensity of an earthquake?
a) Richter scale
b) Mercalli scale
c) seismic gap
d) shadow zone

What is earthquake magnitude?
a) a measure of energy released
b) a measure of an earthquake's focus
c) a measure of damage done
d) a measure of seismic risk

What is the paper record of an earthquake called?
a) seismograph
b) strainmeter
c) seismogram
d) tiltmeter

What occurs when soil containing liquid is shaken during an earthquake?
a) liquefaction
b) a strike-slip fault
c) a tsunami
d) seismic sea waves

Why does Iceland have volcanic activity?
a) Plates are moving apart.
b) A hot spot exists.
c) Plates are moving together
d) A convergent boundary exists.

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