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Which term describes soil or rock that allows water to pass through it?
a) impermeable
b) nonporous
c) permeable
d) porous

What is the term that describes the area from which a stream collects runoff?
a) a drainage basin
b) runoff
c) gully
d) stream channel

A rill becomes broader and deeper during which type of erosion?
a) rill erosion
b) stream
c) sheet
d) gully

What is composed of fine-grained, windblown sediment?
a) rock fall
b) moraine
c) loess
d) till

How can wind erosion be reduced?
a) eskers
b) horns
c) windbreaks
d) dunes

What is formed when the bedrock is scratched by rocks a glacier is carrying?
a) striations
b) moraine
c) till
d) eskers

Where do continental glaciers exist today?
a) Europe
b) Australia
c) Africa
d) Antarctica

What is the term for wind erosion that leaves behind coarse sediments and moves the finer grained material?
a) deflation
b) mass movement
c) abrasion
d) deposition

What is the term for sediment that is sorted and deposited by the meltwater of a glacier?
a) outwash
b) till
c) loess
d) moraine

Which of the following is often found in groundwater and dissolves limestone to form caves?
a) carbonic acid
b) stalactites
c) hydrochloric acid
d) stalagmites

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