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What feature is indicated by the arrow on the map?
a) a contour line
b) a high ridge
c) a glacier
d) a river

Which type of map shows the arrangement and types of rocks at Earth's surface?
a) conic projection
b) Robinson projection
c) geologic map
d) Mercator projection

Which is used to measure distance north or south of the equator?
a) lines of longitude
b) lines of latitude
c) index contours
d) map legends

Which of the following describes a soil's texture?
a) red
b) dry
c) silty loam
d) wet

Which soil horizon usually contains humus?
a) B horizon
b) A horizon
c) C horizon
d) E horizon

Which of the following is a chemical weathering agent?
a) growing tree roots
b) ice wedging
c) burrowing animals
d) carbonic acid

Which of the following might mix a soil creating good-quality soil?
a) a gentle rain
b) organic matter
c) compaction
d) worms

Which type of rock is suitable for cave formation?
a) sandstone
b) limestone
c) basalt
d) granite

During a severe drought, which will likely cause the most erosion of a farmland?
a) soil creeping downhill
b) water runoff
c) ice
d) wind

What is the R horizon composed of?
a) bedrock
b) topsoil
c) humus
d) gravel

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