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Which is a thick black liquid formed from decayed organic matter?
a) natural gas
b) coal
c) biomass
d) oil

In which source might methane exist as useful reserves?
a) hydrocarbons
b) hydrates
c) petroleum
d) coal

Which of the following is a renewable resource that is constant and will not run out?
a) nuclear
b) solar
c) coal
d) oil

What type of energy uses running water to generate electricity?
a) geothermal
b) nuclear
c) hydroelectric
d) solar

What is gasohol composed of?
a) oil and gasoline
b) ethanol and gasoline
c) oil and petroleum
d) wood and gasoline

Which of the following reduces the need for new resources to be used?
a) generating
b) recycling
c) mining
d) refining

Which landform is a flat, raised area of land?
a) interior plain
b) plateau
c) coastal plain
d) mountain

Which of the following provides precise data about your position on Earth's surface?
a) global positioning system
b) International Date Line
c) prime meridian
d) LandSat 7

Which of the following connects points of equal elevation on a topographic map?
a) contour line
b) series
c) legend
d) scale

Which type of mountain forms when rock layers are folded like a rug?
a) folded mountain
b) fault-block mountain
c) volcanic mountain
d) upwarped mountain

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