ISAT Practice #3: Glencoe Science: Earth Science Question Preview (ID: 28643)

ISAT Practice #3: Glencoe Science: Earth Science.[print questions]

Which of the following rocks is an igneous rock?
a) pumice
b) gneiss
c) shale
d) slate

Which rock is often mined as a valuable resource?
a) rock salt
b) conglomerate
c) breccia
d) sandstone

During which process do layer upon layer of sediment build up, exerting pressure on the lower layer of sediment?
a) cementation
b) compaction
c) conglomerate
d) weathering

What is a mineral that is useful enough to be mined for a profit?
a) ore
b) gem
c) diamond
d) crystal

Which type of lava is fluid and flows freely from volcanoes?
a) andesitic lava
b) basaltic lava
c) diorite lava
d) granitic lava

For whom is the mineral hardness chart named?
a) Friedrich Mohs
b) Neil Armstrong
c) Isaac Newton
d) Alfred Wegener

What is the most abundant element is the crust?
a) iron
b) manganese
c) silicon
d) oxygen

Which group of minerals form along faults?
a) vein minerals
b) rock-forming minerals
c) silicates
d) bauxite

Which rock is foliated?
a) granite
b) marble
c) gneiss
d) slate

How are igneous rocks classified?
a) by composition and texture
b) by grain size
c) by how they are formed
d) by grain shape

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