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Which of the folowing is the study of things such as rocks, weather, and objects in space?
a) life science
b) physical science
c) earth science
d) chemical science

Which of these is a factor to which experimental results can be compared?
a) constant
b) independent variable control dependent variable
c) control
d) dependent variable

Which is a rule that describes the behavior of something in nature?
a) hypothesis
b) observtion
c) theory
d) law

The process of using scientific discoveries for practical purposes is called ___.
a) technology
b) science
c) a scientific law
d) a scientific theory

Dr. Fred Whipple proposed that a comet was like a dirty snowball. This is an example of ___.
a) a law
b) a hypothesis
c) a theory
d) an observation

What type of questions cannot be solved by scientific methods?
a) difficult questions
b) questions about outer space
c) ethical questions
d) questions about the interior of Earth

Which is NOT an example of matter?
a) air
b) heat
c) phone
d) tree

Which best explains how electrons are arranged around an atom?
a) in a cloud
b) in an orbit
c) clockwise
d) counterclockwise

What is the overall charge of a neutral atom?
a) 7
b) 1
c) 0
d) -1

If an atom has 6 protons and 11 neutrons, what is its mass number?
a) 5
b) 17
c) 6
d) 12

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