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Which one of these is true of the tropical rain forest biome?
a) The soil thaws during the summer.
b) The soil contains little dead vegetation.
c) The soil is thin and gravelly.
d) The soil contains permafrost.

The gradual changes that happen in the types of species living in a region are called ___.
a) balance
b) permafrost
c) community
d) succession

Which of these biomes receives little annual precipitation?
a) temperate deciduous forest
b) tundra
c) taiga
d) grasslands

Which biome typically has four distinct seasons?
a) temperate rain forest
b) temperate deciduous forest
c) tundra
d) desert

Which of these aquatic ecosystems has the highest salinity?
a) river
b) estuary
c) stream
d) coral reef

Which of these biomes is considered the most biologically diverse?
a) tropical rain forest
b) grasslands
c) temperate deciduous forest
d) desert

Because ponds tend to be filled with plant material, these bodies of water are usually high in ___.
a) salinity
b) nutrients
c) acidity
d) permafrost

In many desert regions, water is diverted from streams and rivers to provide it to people in cities. How does this impact the animals in the area?
a) The animals move closer to cities to search for food and water.
b) The animals become more active during daylight hours.
c) The animals stop searching for water.
d) The animals migrate to tropical rain forests.

Taigas and grasslands are examples of ___.
a) biomes
b) succession
c) canopies
d) estuaries

In which aquatic ecosystem would you find ocean fish being raised for food for humans?
a) wetlands
b) an estuary
c) a coral reef
d) an intertidal zone

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