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The process of heating a liquid to kill much of the bacteria in milk and other liquids is called ___.
a) vaccination
b) inflammation
c) immunization
d) pasteurization

White blood cells called ___ are important in specific defenses against pathogens.
a) pathogens
b) antibodies
c) vaccines
d) lymphocytes

Forms of antigens that give you active immunity to a disease without getting the disease first are called ___.
a) antibodies
b) vaccines
c) viruses
d) fevers

What is the job of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the United States?
a) regulates hospitals
b) produces antibiotics that are used to treat diseases
c) monitors the spread of infectious disease
d) pasteurizes all milk sold in stores

Which one of the following could be described as a minute piece of genetic material that multiplies in host cells?
a) bacterium
b) virus
c) fungus
d) protist

What body system is attacked when a person is infected with HIV?
a) respiratory system
b) digestive system
c) reproductive system
d) immune system

Which one of the following is a characteristic of cancer cells?
a) their growth is uncontrolled
b) they function normally in the body
c) they can only cause tumors in the liver
d) they cannot survive in the blood

What is an overly strong reaction of the immune system to a foreign substance called?
a) STD
b) allergy
c) specific defense
d) infectious disease

Joseph Lister recognized the relationship between the infection rate following surgery and ___.
a) viruses
b) cleanliness
c) diseases
d) immunization

Molecules that are foreign to your body are called ___.
a) memory cells
b) antigens
c) lymphocytes
d) antibodies

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