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Moving your finger away from a sharp piece of glass that cuts your skin is a reflex response that is controlled by ___.
a) the salivary glands
b) the inner ear
c) the spinal cord
d) the retina

The division of the periperal nervous system that regulates your ability to snap your fingers is ___.
a) the autonomic system
b) the somatic system
c) the digestive system
d) the reproductive system

___ receive messages and send them to the cell body of the neuron.
a) Reflexes
b) Synapses
c) Axons
d) Dendrites

The division of the peripheral nervous system that regulates your heart beat is ___.
a) the skeletal system
b) the autonomic system
c) the muscular system
d) the somatic system

One function of your inner ear is to maintain ___.
a) stimuli
b) gravity
c) balance
d) impulses

One part of the central nervous system is the ___.
a) retina
b) appendix
c) cochlea
d) brain

A stimulus is a change inside or outside your body that brings about ___.
a) a paralysis
b) a reflex
c) a response
d) a stimulant

After you run 50 m as fast as you can, you might be out of breath. What process causes your breathing to return to its regular pattern?
a) stimuli
b) homeostasis
c) impulses
d) reasoning

___ carry messages away from the cell body of the neuron.
a) Dendrites
b) Axons
c) Lenses
d) Senses

Suppose you injure the right side of your brain. Which of these might happen?
a) Your body from the neck down might suffer paralysis.
b) Your left hand may suffer paralysis.
c) Both of your legs might suffer paralysis.
d) Your right leg might suffer paralysis.

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