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Blood goes from your lower body back to your heart through ___.
a) the coronary circulatory system
b) the transfusion
c) the hemoglobin
d) the inferior vena cava

Which of these might occur if coronary circulation is blocked?
a) a broken bone
b) a fever
c) a heart attack
d) a headache

Which of these is true?
a) A person with type O blood cannot receive type O blood.
b) A person with type B blood cannot donate blood to a person with type AB blood.
c) A person with type AB blood can only donate blood to a person with type AB blood.
d) A person with type A blood can receive type B blood.

What are the upper chambers of the heart called?
a) systolic
b) plasma
c) aorta
d) atriums

What prevents blood from flowing backward in the veins?
a) capillaries
b) connective tissue
c) the vena cava
d) one-way valves

Which of these fights invaders of your body?
a) diastolic pressure
b) lymphocytes
c) inferior vena cava
d) white blood cells

___ carry blood away from the heart.
a) Arteries
b) Lungs
c) Platelets
d) Fibrin

One way to get nutrients into cells is ___.
a) veins
b) perspiration
c) diffusion
d) lymphocytes

Which of these is caused when blood pressure is higher than normal?
a) hypertension
b) anemia
c) hemophilia
d) leukemia

The measure of the force of your blood that occurs when blood is pushed out of the heart is the ___.
a) white blood cells
b) Rh factor
c) systolic pressure
d) helper T-cells

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