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When a skunk uses its scent glands to spray, it is ___.
a) breating
b) learning
c) communicating
d) digesting

What describes the way an organism interacts with other organisms?
a) behavior
b) reflex
c) territorial
d) imprinting

Gray whales swim to warm waters off of Mexico from their cold arctic water homes. What instinctive behavior is this an example of?
a) migration
b) pheromones
c) bioluminescence
d) estivation

A gosling follows a goose shortly after hatching, and from that point on considers that goose its parent. What is this an example of?
a) regeneration
b) conditioning
c) imprinting
d) reflex action

What is a cyclic response to cold temperatures?
a) courtship behavior
b) hibernation
c) social behavior
d) insight

Ivan P. Pavlov conducted famous experiments to study behavior and ___.
a) migration
b) conditioning
c) bioluminescence
d) reproduction

Which of the following is NOT an example of courtship behavior?
a) releasing pheromones
b) singing songs
c) fluffing feathers
d) taking over a perch

Which of these is true about a hibernating animal?
a) Its heart rate jumps to twice its normal rate.
b) Its breathing rate is greatly reduced.
c) Its body temperature rises dramatically.
d) Its appetite remains the same as when it is not hibernating.

Animals that are active during daylight hours are ___.
a) submissive
b) instinctive
c) diurnal
d) pheromones

Owls are active at night. They are ___.
a) imprinted
b) estivating
c) nocturnal
d) diurnal

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