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Which tupe of feather helps birds maintain a constant body temperature?
a) contour
b) down
c) barbed
d) oil

Which of these is a flight adaptation for birds?
a) poor eyesight
b) sharp claws
c) hollow bones
d) small beaks

What role in nature do hummingbirds perform?
a) They disperse fruit seeds.
b) They control insect populations.
c) They control rodent populations.
d) They pollinate flowers.

Which of these produces milk?
a) the lymph glands
b) the oil glands
c) the mammary glands
d) the scent glands

___ help mammals sense their environment.
a) Molars
b) Herbivores
c) Whiskers
d) Glands

Which of these is a marsupial?
a) an oragutan
b) an aardvark
c) a koala
d) a duck-billed platypus

Where do placental embryos develop?
a) in eggs with leathery shells
b) in the mammary glands
c) in the sensory hairs
d) in the uterus

Bird parents ___ their eggs until they hatch.
a) incubate
b) clutch
c) contour
d) preen

Which of these animals has a skeleton adapted for running?
a) beavers
b) moles
c) zebras
d) porpoises

Which mammal teeth are used to bite and cut?
a) molars
b) canine teeth
c) incisors
d) grinders

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