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Which animals are ectotherms with thick, dry, waterproof skin?
a) amphibians
b) vertebrates
c) bony fish
d) reptiles

Why might a farmer like to see snakes in a barn where grain is stored?
a) Snakes eat rats and mice.
b) Snakes eat grain.
c) Snake eggs are good to eat.
d) Snakes are biological indicators.

Snakes can swallow their prey whole because they have ___.
a) venom
b) internal fertilization
c) the ability to constrict
d) a special joint in their jaw

Which of the following organisms is an amphibian?
a) snake
b) turtle
c) lizard
d) salamander

Water taken in through the mouth of a fish passes over the ___, where oxygen and carbon dioxide are exchanged.
a) gills
b) heart
c) lungs
d) swim bladder

Most reptiles have a ___ heart.
a) two-chambered
b) four-chambered
c) one-chambered
d) three-chambered

The word ___ comes from the Greek word that means 'double-life'
a) reptile
b) amphibian
c) vertebrate
d) chordate

Most fish ___ are made of bone and can be tooth shaped, diamond shaped, cone shaped, or round.
a) eggs
b) scales
c) gills
d) fins

What structures are found in the chest cavity of amphibians and used for exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide?
a) swim bladders
b) lungs
c) three-chambered hearts
d) gills

Metamorphosis is a part of what process in amphibians?
a) respiration
b) reproduction
c) circulation
d) development

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