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While on a picnic, you avoid an insect with yellow and black stripes. later, you discover the insect was a harmless fly. What self-defense does this fly use?
a) mimicry
b) poisonous sting
c) foul odor
d) camouflage

What do millipedes feed on?
a) soil
b) plants and decaying material
c) blood
d) snails and slugs

How are arthropods like annelids?
a) Both have jointed appendages.
b) Both have segmented bodies.
c) Both have setae.
d) Both have an exoskeleton.

One reason segmented worms are important to humans is because some of them ___.
a) destroy mollusks
b) condition and aerate the soil
c) pollinate crops
d) drill holes in submerged wood

What are the stages of development in complete metamorphosis?
a) egg, worm, adult
b) egg, nymph, and adult
c) egg, birth, larva, insect
d) egg, larvae, pupa, and adult

Which one of the following is an example of an arachnid?
a) crab
b) scorpion
c) grasshopper
d) bee

Earthworms are hermaphrodites. This means that they produce ___.
a) neither sperm nor eggs
b) sperm and eggs in the same body
c) only eggs
d) only sperm

Which one of the following is a thin layer of tissue in mollusks that often secretes a shell?
a) mantle
b) gizzard
c) radula
d) exoskeleton

Because bivalves are ___, bacteria and other harmful organisms often become trapped in clams and oysters.
a) head-footed
b) soft bodied
c) parasites
d) filter feeders

An arthropod's old exoskeleton is shed and replaced by a new one in a process called ___.
a) mimicry
b) metamorphosis
c) digestion
d) molting

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