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A coloring or marking that helps an animal hide from its predators is called ___.
a) reproduction
b) camouflage
c) digestion
d) adolescence

A tapeworm grows by ___.
a) regenerating broken limbs
b) growing tentacles
c) adding new body segments
d) building up its spongin

Which of these is NOT used as a defense against predators?
a) a squid's cloud of ink
b) a turtle's hard shell
c) a skunk's pungent spray
d) a forest rabbit's white fur

Which of these is true of animals?
a) No animals are capable of sexual reproduction.
b) All animals are capable of sexual reproduction.
c) All animals are capable of asexual reproduction.
d) Some animals are not capable of sexual reproduction.

Because sponges live in one place for their entire life, they are called ___.
a) vertebrates
b) migratory
c) sessile
d) omnivores

Which of these is an invertebrate?
a) a clam
b) a lion
c) a cow
d) a trout

Animals with backbones are called ___.
a) sponges
b) vertebrates
c) scavengers
d) invertebrates

Which of these eats only the remains of other animals?
a) amphibians
b) scavengers
c) omnivores
d) lampreys

Sea stars and sponges also can reproduce through ___.
a) regeneration
b) spicules
c) teentacles
d) photosynthesis

A sea star has which type of body-part arrangement?
a) bilateral symmetry
b) horizontal symmetry
c) radial symmetry
d) asymmetry

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