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What are the three main parts of a seed?
a) cone, zygote, and see coat
b) seed coat, stored food, and an embryo
c) pollen grain, sperm, and egg
d) stored food, flower, and pollen grain

What special types of cells are produced during the gametophyte stage of a plant's life cycle?
a) seed cells
b) spores
c) sex cells
d) zygotes

Why might a seed be covered in prickly hooks?
a) to attract insects
b) to aid in seed dispersal
c) to keep it from being eaten
d) to help in germination

Spores are produced during the ___ stage of a plant's life cycle.
a) asexual
b) sporophyte
c) gametophyte
d) sexual

Sexual reproduction in plants, as in all organisms, requires ____.
a) only a female
b) only a male
c) only small parts of the plant
d) a male and female

If someone gives you a plant and tells you that it is an angiosperm, you know that sometime during its life cycle it will produce ___.
a) swimming sperm
b) a prothallus
c) flowers
d) cones

Some seeds, like those in tomatoes and apples, are found inside ___ and pass through an animal's digestive system when they are eaten.
a) roots
b) cones
c) fruits
d) flowers

The transfer of pollen grains to the female part of the plant is called ___.
a) germination
b) reproduction
c) pollination
d) fertilization

___ is a series of events that results in the growth of a plant from a seed.
a) Pollination
b) Reproduction
c) Germination
d) Fertilization

Which of the following reproductive structures would be found only in gymnosperms?
a) cones
b) sori
c) flowers
d) pistils

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