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LEARN: Desalination is a very expensive process for removing salt from sea water that few countries can afford for its people. NOW ANSWER: Which is the largest ethnic group in Southwest Asia?
a) Kurds
b) Persians
c) Arabs
d) Berbers

LEARN: The three major religions of the Middle East have different beliefs about who and what role Jesus has. NOW ANSWER: The discovery of oil in the region has:
a) led to an unequal distribution of wealth due oil exports by some countries and not by others
b) decreased available shipping routes from the Persian Gulf
c) decreased the importance of the Strait of Hormuz
d) led to a lesser need to desalinate water

LEARN: Arabs are the largest ethnic group in the Middle East, but Kurds, Persians, and Berbers are other ethnic group in the region. NOW ANSWER: Why isn't desalination used more in Southwest Asia?
a) Most countries do not know about this technology
b) Desalination is very expensive for countries to use
c) Few countries in Southwest Asia have access to seawater
d) Desalination is not very effective in hot, dry climates

LEARN: Oil has created an unequal distribution of wealth among the Middle Eastern Countries since some do not have oil to export and sale. NOW ANSWER: Although Judaism, Islam and Christianity are different, what is a similarity:
a) their leaders and holidays
b) their worship building, worship style, and day of worship
c) their view on who and what Jesus was
d) their claim to being monotheistic

LEARN: After Muhammad died, Shias wanted the leader of Islam to be related to Muhammad and Sunnis wanted to pick the best person for the job. NOW ANSWER: How have the major rivers of Southwest Asia become a part of political conflict?
a) Many rivers are totally dried up even during the wet monsoon season.
b) The rivers have never caused conflict or disagreements in the region.
c) Most countries do not allow water to be taken out of rivers for irrigation by their farmers
d) Several countries have built dams along their portion of the river, cutting off water to those living downstream.

LEARN: Rivers have less water flowing downstream due to countries building dams and irrigating their crops. The unequal distribution of water is causing disagreements. NOW ANSWER: What issue led to the split between the Sunni and the Shia?
a) The Shia believed that only Arabs could be Muslims.
b) Arguments began over what should be included in the Five Pillars.
c) The Shia wanted to change the direction of prayer to Jerusalem rather than Mecca.
d) They disagreed over who should lead the Muslim community as Caliph after the death of Muhammad

LEARN: An ethnic group has many things in common: history, customs, language, celebrations, religions, foods, clothing, land, etc. – not just religion. NOW ANSWER: Why is the Suez Canal important to international shipping?
a) The Suez Canal is Iraq's only waterway leading into the Persian Gulf
b) The Suez Canal is the only way for ships to get out of the Persian Gulf
c) The Suez Canal connects the Jordan River to the Persian Gulf, making it less expensive to ship products to South America
d) The Suez Canal connects the Mediterranean Sea with the Red Sea without having to sail around the continent of Africa

LEARN: The Suez Canal allows ship to take a short cut by traveling from the Mediterranean Sea to the Red Sea cutting out a trip around Africa. NOW ANSWER: Which of these is an ethnic group in Southwest Asia?
a) Hindu
b) Christian
c) Kurd
d) Muslim

LEARN: People who have a higher literacy tend to have a higher quality of life – called a standards of living. NOW ANSWER: What most likely determined the location of Baghdad in Iraq?
a) The location of the Tigris River
b) The location of the Kaaba
c) The location of Jerusalem
d) The location of the Suez Canal

LEARN: The capital of Iraq is Baghdad and it was built near the Tigris River - a source of clean drinking water. NOW ANSWER: Israel's literacy rate is 97%, and Afghanistan has a literacy rate of 38%. Which statement is TRUE?
a) Afghanistan most likely has more women in school
b) Israel has a population that is opposed to reading and writing
c) Afghanistan's standard of living is likely higher
d) Israel's standard of living is likely higher

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