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___ are plantlike protists.
a) Bacteria
b) Lichens
c) Ascus
d) Algae

Which of these causes red tides when found in large numbers?
a) Ulva
b) Euglena
c) dinoflagellates
d) diatoms

___ protists usually reproduce asexually.
a) Eukaryotic
b) Young
c) Female
d) One-celled

Carrageenan can be found in ____.
a) toothpaste
b) spaghetti
c) oranges
d) crackers

Which is true of green algae?
a) Plants may have evolved from many-celled green algae.
b) Green algae species are all one-celled organisms.
c) Algae survive best in dry environments.
d) Only a few hundred species of algae have been classified.

What helps a euglenoid sense light?
a) flagella
b) an eyespot
c) chlorophyll
d) a ribosome

___ are important in the weathering process of rocks.
a) Protists
b) Flagellates
c) Lichens
d) Aleates

___ are also called fire algae.
a) Basidia
b) Sporangia
c) Protozoans
d) Dinoflagellates

Water mold contributed to problems that marked which historical period?
a) The Irish potato famine
b) The Industrial Age
c) The War of Independence
d) The Great Depression

Which of these fungi is used for baking?
a) protozoans
b) yeast
c) amoeba
d) euglenoids

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