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What may a series of helpful variations in a species result in?
a) adaptation
b) fossils
c) climatic change
d) embryology

Which group do humans, apes, and monkeys belong to?
a) canines
b) rodents
c) primates
d) invertebrates

Which early human group is considered to be responsible for ancient cave drawings discovered in France?
a) Cro-Magnon humans
b) Homo habilis
c) homonids
d) Homo sapiens

The punctuated equilibrium model of evolution states that evolution ___.
a) occurs over millions of years
b) occurs rapidly
c) never produces new species
d) occurs only in plant species

By comparing amounts of radioactive and nonradioactive elements in a fossil, its age can be determined through ___.
a) relative dating
b) radiometric dating
c) embryology
d) radiography

Studying embryology helps scientists understand ___.
a) how a species reproduces sexually
b) where organisms migrate during their lives
c) the early stages of an organism's growth
d) how a species makes food through photosynthesis

Scientists compare DNA from living organisms to identify ___.
a) geographic isolation
b) natural selection
c) a fossil's location
d) similarities between species

Change in inherited characteristics over time is called ___.
a) evolution
b) species
c) fossils
d) camouflage

What group has opposable thumbs and binocular vision?
a) homonids
b) humans only
c) all primates
d) monkeys only

A bacteria species that were once killed by penicillin are now resistant to it. What model explains this?
a) gradualism
b) relative dating
c) camouflage
d) punctuated equilibrium

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